Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Harvesting Has Begun

Buddha packing vegetables for delivery
After several weeks and lots of rain, we returned to the garden to find a lot of weeds--and a lot of vegetables for harvest and delivery to the Kearney Center for the Homeless.  It's very rewarding to be able to share the fruits of our garden.
A cornucopia of fall vegetables and some surprises

We were able to pick a variety of salad greens, radishes, and herbs.  The most pleasant surprise was tomatoes and peppers that had been planted in August.  Thank you Louie for your late summer experiment.  Unfortunately most of our winter greens--collards, kale, etc., have been too ravaged by small caterpillars to share.  We have dusted with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) and we hope new growth on the plants will fare better.  Aphids have also been a problem in this warm weather, but we did see a lady bug out hunting.  Watch out aphids!

Just a couple of Better Boys, but still a good

As usual, the cherry tomatoes did best

Big healthy peppers in November
Other task included weeding, including the nice row of hairy vetch cover crop (not many weeds managed to grow there), and thinning carrots in our container gardens.

Janyce checks for weeds in the hairy
vetch cover crop

Kathy is thinning carrots in one of
our container gardens.  Note the
baby carrot on the adjoining bucket.
They're coming along just fine.

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