Friday, July 21, 2017

July in the VegHeadz Garden

Perennial Edibles 1 -- Lemongrass, turmeric, culinary ginger,
roselle, sochan, Tahitian taro, Poke weed, arrowroot,
sugar cane

Perennial Edibles 2 -- Okinawa Spinach, Longevity Spinach,
Goji Berry, Naranjilla, Slippery Cabbage, Yacon,
Nopale, Cardamum,
As is typical for this time of year, some of our garden has played out.  The tomatoes are gone, as well as the squash and corn.  But the peppers, beans, herbs, and eggplants are hanging in there with almost daily rains.  The perennial edibles are also thriving.  We have had much fewer bug problems this year than in previous years.

Cover crops are being planted in spent areas.  This year we are using Sun Hemp, inoculated Pink Eye Peas, and Buckwheat to add organic matter and minerals to our soil.  Samples for soil tests in the various areas will be gathered next week.   

We're looking forward to planning an interesting and fun garden for the fall season.

Come visit us in the garden.  We are there almost every Wednesday morning. 

Sun Hemp cover crop in Bed A

Anise Hyssop was buzzing with
bees and wasps

Horticultural Assistant
Kelly Thomas trims an over-rambunctious
chayote vine that was shading the

Loofah squash growing on
the arbor

The loofah has such interesting

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