Thursday, April 6, 2017

VegHeadz Garden Update

I hadn't realized how long it has been since we've posted an update on the VegHeadz garden.   Spring planting is almost done and many crops are already growing. Preparations are underway to move some of our garden into a sunnier area in Bed 5 North of the present garden.   New design plans are underway for Bed 5 which is the tropical horticultural garden. Stay tuned for future developments.

Peggy, Mike, Larry, Cathy, Louie
This morning we welcomed  Master Gardener Larry Lesko back into the garden.   He brought by some large cardboard sheets for use in our mulching effort as we reclaim some of the new space from weeds and unwanted plants. We were delighted to see him.  Thanks for coming by and for the cardboard, Larry.  .

And while Larry isn't really a visitor, but a member of the VegHeadz who is on "furlough", we welcome visitors to the garden anytime.  We are working in the garden on most Wednesday mornings so stop by and see us.

Thanks to Peggy McDonald for the great pictures of the garden taken last week (see above and below).

Tomatoes growing on either side of the trellis
formerly occupied by spring peas


One of the 4-H beds - Kale and Peas, and another
bed behind it with a winter cover crop of clover

The kiwis we planted last fall are looking
good and climbing toward the
top of the pergola

We should have gotten the name of this tree.  It lives just North of our
garden in Bed 5, and is really showing off this month. 

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