Friday, January 27, 2017

VegHeadz Garden Happenings

Cathi W, Mike, Marie and Cathy A enjoying the hard work]
loading composted horse manure for our bins
Last week we replenished our compost bins with well-rotted horse manure mixed with hay and straw bedding.  We were able to get three loads thanks to VegHeadz volunteers and Nicki Francis of Happy Trails Horse Ranch.  Thanks Nicki! 
Based on a fall soil test, we are adding compost, greensand (for potassium and trace minerals), and peat moss and Sulphur (to lower pH), to our gardening beds.  Observing our plants and another test in the fall will let us know how well we did.
This week, we learned about using a broadfork.  We added the amendments above to the three A rows where Marie will be planting potatoes and green peas next week.  We left the clover cover crop in place, added the amendments and then worked down the row with the broadfork to partially incorporate the cover crop and amendments, and to aerate the soil.  Marie will be adding oak leaves as mulch after the plants come up.  It will be interesting to see how the potatoes and peas fare.  Visit our Facebook page to see Carole getting her morning workout on the broadfork.  It's heavy and requires some effort to lift the soil. 
We also moved a fence trellis into one row for the peas to grow on.  Marie is adding some cheap and creative trellises to another row.  We're thinking of all the visitors we hope to get at the Spring Open House, tentatively scheduled for May 13.  Hold a place on your calendar for this fun event and plant sale.
Lots of other plans are under way, including applying for a grant to re-fence the garden (a happy armadillo is making of mess of our pathways), and we can't grow lettuce without a secure cover as a creative creature (probably a rabbit), munches down the row until its gone.  Also under consideration is moving a portion of the garden into a sunnier location in Bed 5 which is just North of the garden. 
Welcome to new gardener Peggy McDonald who is one of the Master Gardening students in the new class just under way.  She is a real worker and a welcome addition to our crew. 

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