Friday, September 16, 2016

Garden Expansion Update

The new keyhole beds at the VegHeadz garden are coming right along.  Cardboard has been laid over the existing cardboard (now mostly decomposed) and mulch that we placed there last spring.  Additional mulch has been applied over the cardboard on all pathways surrounding the beds.  Soil from an area in the back of the garden which has built up from the addition of wood chips, compost and other amendments has been moved into the planting areas of the beds.

Compost will be applied over this before planting. These beds will be used for greens such as collards and kale during the fall season and once the seedlings are in place, a thick layer of oak leaf mulch will be added.  Voila!  New garden beds.

Thanks to bed "T" coordinator Carole Hayes and all our other faithful VegHeadz who have been working hard the last couple of weeks to get it in shape. It's looking good!


  1. Looks good. Where do you get the mulch from?

  2. Free wood chip mulch from one of the contractors who maintain electric rights of way. We also scout neighborhoods in the fall for bagged oak leaves, etc., at the curb.