Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It's exciting to learn of all the vegetable gardens around the city at churches, in schools, in parks, and other places.  There are also lots of groups who are thinking about starting a garden.  The Leon County Extension Office is sponsoring a program headed up by Extension Agent Molly Jameson which will provide a hand up to these programs.

Called Adopt-A-Garden, we are looking for volunteers to mentor one or more of these groups.  Volunteers can choose which gardens they are interested in.   Would you rather work with children?  Do you already have a connection with one of them, or live in their area, etc. 

Mentoring might involve just helping to find answers to gardening questions, or pitching in on garden work days, or helping to select seeds and plants which will grow well in the area selected, or teaching gardening skills, or giving or arranging presentation to the group--the type of help and the amount of time involved is  up to the volunteer and the gardening group they have selected.

No need to be a Master Gardener, although Master Gardeners are certainly encouraged to share their knowledge, but anyone with some gardening knowledge or experience, or teaching skills, or just a willingness to learn and find answers along with the group can participate.  All are welcome. 

Check out the Adopt-A-Garden website to find out more, including the list of gardens which have requested help.  We hope you'll consider adopting one of the gardens on the list. 

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