Monday, October 26, 2015

Garden Resources


The VegHeadz have located a source of free compost materials--fresh horse manure mixed with sawdust.  We composted some last year and used it as an amendment to our rows with good results.  Last week we made another run and got two pickup loads.  We have three new piles of compost working.  It should be ready for us when we prepare our garden for spring crops.   Who knew hauling horse manure would be such fun. 


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  1. Janis, that second picture is a classic, that's when I tripped over the vine and fell. My back is a mess, but I'm still thankful I didn't land in the horse you know what. Hee Hee Hee and Ouch.

    That afternoon I was in my OLLI writing class and we were working on Haiku. I wrote:

    I started my day
    Shoveling horse manure
    I fell in it, POOP