Tuesday, June 16, 2015

News from the VegHeadz Garden

Carole's granddaughter--Sunflower at
least 12' tall!!
We're delighted to have a new class of Master Gardeners, with a number helping in the VegHeadz garden.  We have a better summer crop than we've had for several years.  Today we harvested lots of green beans.  Also looking good are Sugar Pie Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, okra, peppers, gourds, and all our herbs and perennial vegetables.   Tomatoes are beginning to fade.  We've been working in the garden on Tuesday mornings early--trying to beat the heat which reached close to 100 today.   Summer is definitely here!!

Some of our gardeners--they have been doing a great job of nurturing vegetables and keeping the weeds at bay.  Thanks to all who volunteer in the garden.  It's fun!!

Some of the things were are growing--

Bee Balm -- Lots of buzzing going on
Sugar Pie Punpkins

Anise Hyssop -- buzzing here too

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