Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Garden Get Together

Sue and her beautiful turnips
The VegHeadz had a great get-together Friday evening at the home of Sue Hansen.  We shared a variety of dishes featuring Fall vegetables, many from our gardens.   We all enjoyed visiting Sue's productive backyard garden (and along her driveway) which produced these champion turnips.

Sue uses compost she makes herself, as well as composted horse droppings, and compost fines from the Leon County Landfill to provide nourishment from her garden.

We also enjoyed bread, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes baked in her wood-fired oven.   What a treat!!

We compared notes about our gardens, enjoyed each others' company, and heard a presentation by Sue and Regine Maligne-Lynch about the Tallahassee Time Bank.   Please consider joining us in the garden and at the Time Bank.   Community is what it's all about!!


  1. I am very excited about the blog. However, many links are broken or nonextant. I am in Jacksonville and would like to connect with people here who are hugelkulturists or permaculturists, as I know enough to be dangerous.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the broken links. We will check them. There is a Permaculture Group in Jacksonville. They post their permablitzes and get togethers through Meetup. I believe their group is called Permaculture Jax. There's also one in St. Augustine, I believe.