Monday, September 29, 2014

Narrow Leaf Sunflowers

Cathi W has identified the very healthy stand of flowers blooming in the VegHeadz garden.  We've been waiting all summer to see them burst forth.   They may be the native Narrow Leaf Sunflower or Swamp Sunflower, although ours are somewhat taller and have glossier leaves than those pictured in the information from IFAS (see link below). They were transplants of self-sown seedlings from the Fort Braden Community Garden, a result of seeds passed along form someone else, with the information that they were some kind of sunflower.   They have a prolonged bloom season, and self-seed profusely.   They're tall and sometimes 
top heavy, resulting in falling stalks.  But the flowers are so abundant at a time of the year when not much is blooming in the garden, that it's worth the little control necessary to keep them in check.   Come by the VegHead garden and enjoy the show.   More information.

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