Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sustainable Gardening in the Desert

Chef's garden in Tucson - Note Saguaro Cactus in left corner
While taking an early morning walk at the Westward Look Wyndham Resort while in Tucson recently, I discovered the Chef's Garden, a beautiful oasis in a desert setting.  While I was exploring the garden and it's many delights, Landscape Manager Raymundo Ocampo made his morning visit to the garden.  I was treated to a personal tour of his pet project, as well as a sweet juicy peach from a tree so laden with peaches the branches were sagging to the ground. 
Landscape Manager Raymundo Ocampo displaying
the Globe Artichokes he grows

The organic garden is situated on a hillside to receive the morning sun and some afternoon shade.  It was designed by Mr. Ocampo with many sustainability features, and is filled with a wide variety of vegetables including many types of heirloom tomatoes.  
Heirloom tomatoes are grown under
shade cloth

 It also features grapes and over 20 fruit trees, including avocado and mango, which are usually not grown in that area. The garden harvest is utilized daily by the Chef at the resort in the restaurants there.

Also designed by Mr. Ocampo is the wonderful labyrinth located in a secluded area below the garden.  On a cool morning, with the songs of doves in the air, it was a wonderful place to meditate and contemplate the wondrous diversity of plants (and people) on our planet Earth. 

Labyrinth, bassed on "Man in the Maze" motif

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  1. Westward Look is the finest resort I have ever visited. The Chef's Garden is beautiful spot to sit in the early morning and reflect on life itself. I stayed there three years in a row and would love to go back again before I die. I don't think I have the budget to do it one more time. All the best to the resort and the wonderful staff.