Monday, February 24, 2014

Hugelkultur - Another way to Garden

Thanks to Gardener Ed for locating all the hugelkulture information you’d ever need (or use) all in one place.  See:  Permaculture Articles by Paul Wheaton where you will find information on hugelkultur--a way to use brush and wood debris in your own yard or garden while creating a sustainable environment for your plants which requires very little watering and no fertilizer.  See also:  The Art andScience of Making a Hugelkultur Bed – Transforming Woody Debris into a Garden Resource, which is a blog post on the Permaculture Research Institute site.  This is a great site for information about reclaiming deserts and wastelands, as well transforming landscapes and environments worldwide into sustainable, resilient food forests.  For pictures and information on a local hugelkultur project, see Regine's hugelkultur post on the Tallahassee Permaculture Guild blog site.  


  1. My back yard hugel bed = Wood + landfill fine mulch + 5" of mushroom compost.
    Kale planted on top with peas all around... A beauty!

  2. My yard is a virtual swamp. It takes at least a week for the standing water to go away and then the ground itself never gets dry. Foolishly, I started digging an asparagus bed that turned out to be a pond. I've given up the idea of trying asparagus, as much as I'd love the fresh taste. So now I am thinking of filling in the trench with logs and all the hugelkultur accoutrements. I think I'll get better drainage and eventually have a mound tantamount to a raised bed like my others only deeper and higher. Does anyone have any thoughts, especially in trying to grow food in a swamp?