Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red Clay Garden Project - Elementary Garden Education Curriculum

A pilot program for teaching elementary school children about gardening and much more is being developed by the FAMU College of Agriculture & Food Sciences.  Entitled the Red Clay Garden Educational Curriculum, the program proposes to provide lesson plans for an eight lesson program covering an Introduction to Agriculture, Gardening and Fertilization, Soil and Composting, Adaptation and Environment, Global Warming, Nutrition, and Careers in Agriculture.  The class would conclude with a Farmer's Market Day Event.  The project, funded by the USDA/NIFA is in its final stages of development.  For more information contactd Sandra Thompson, Community Resource Development Program Director at FAMU,

The move toward gardening programs for school children is an important step in improving nutrition for the entire population and encouraging children and their families to make healthier diet choices. 

Another excellent resource for those working with children is the School Gardens site at the University of Florida, IFAS. 

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