Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dunn Street Youth Farm - iGrow

This week I attended a meeting of the Tallahassee Food Network at the Dunn Street Youth Farm.  If you haven't visited this community garden, you are really missing a treat.  Long, lush beds of vegetables, a new small orchard of fruit trees, and an exemplary stand of cover crops (fava beans, wheat and oats) are just some of the features of the garden.  Soon the cover crops will be chopped down and left on site as mulch.  New crops will be planted by moving the mulch plants aside and inserting seeds or plants.  All done.  Just watch the new plants grow.  This garden adjoins the new Dent Street Diggers Garden (see post below).  Visit both while you are there.

Potatoes, almost ready for harvest

Cover Crop - Fava beans, oats, wheat

Squash and tomatoes

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