Friday, April 26, 2013

Beyond Gardening

Home gardening and Community Gardens are just a part of the movement taking place in Tallahassee and world-wide to build resilience at a community level in this time of genetic meddling, oil descent, global warming, and economic uncertainty.  In Tallahassee we have many groups working together and separately to initiate, educate, and promote ways to live with less impact on the environment and with less use of limited resources.  We can decide on an individual level whether to wait for someone else to find solutions, or we can take action to make this an opportunity to live in a more healthy way, environmentally, economically, physically, mentally, spiritually. 

What you can do (and we know there are many more--let us know of others): 
  • Take a Permaculture class at the Leon County Extension Office, new class starts January, 2014; find out more about the current status of  our energy resources, environmental changes, economic problems.  Learn how to make your home and your surroundings less dependent on energy from non-renewable sources and to create a way of life more resilient in the face of uncertainty.  Permaculture principles encourage care of the earth, care of people - you, your family, your community, and fair share - sharing your knowledge and resources with others.
  • Check out Sustainable Tallahassee; become a member to support their programs
  • Get involved in Transition Tallahassee
  • Plant a garden at home or join a Community Garden; give your excess to family and friends or Second Harvest or other agencies serving the needy
  • Join the Tallahassee Food Network
  • Become a volunteer in the Damayan Garden Project
  • Form an Eco-Team in your neighborhood or with your friends or family
  • Become informed--just a few suggestions from the mass of information available.  There are many, many books, articles, and videos available about the current state of our world and what we can expect--information you won't ordinarily see on television, in newspapers, and other common media:
    • View videos online
      • "The End of Suburbia" - 52 minute documentary on YouTube on peak oil
      •  "The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy and Environment" by Dr Chris Martenson (PhD-Duke University, MBA-Cornell University). (1 hr.)
      • "The Crash Course" - Part II (2.5 hrs.)
      • Video by nature photographer John Moran along with his talk to Riverkeepers about changes to Florida’s waters he's observed.
      • Lecture by Dr. Al Bartlett on the arithmetic of population growth and energy--an eye opener (1 hr.)
    • Watch movies available on Netflix instant download
      • Fed Up
      • Dirt
      • Anima Mundi
      • Manufactured Landscapes

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