Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All about Vidalia Onions

Gardener Ed reminded me that Vidalia Onion transplants are available by signing up in advance at Gramlings in Tallahassee.   They are now taking orders for bundles of sets to be delivered in December just in time for planting.  Give them a call if you are interested.

I signed up for a couple of bundles of about 100 transplants each to add to the several gardens I work in.   It got me thinking about Vidalia onions in general.  

Are they really Vidalia onions if they are planted in Tallahasssee?  What is it that makes Vidalia onions unique?  What's the best way to grow them?

Some of those questions were answered at the University of Georgia Sustainable Agriculture site for organic production of Vidalia onions and at the Vidalia onion growers website.   Lots of information there.  Picking up a couple of Vidalias at the grocery store (or from my garden) will never be the same.  U of Ga site on growing Organic Vidalia Onions

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