Monday, June 30, 2014

Gardens in Poland

Farther north in Europe in the farming country of Central Poland in early June, gardens had just recently been planted.  The farms in most of Poland are still operated by families with each farm producing a variety of crops in smaller fields.  There is not as much corporate farming there as in the U.S.   Crops we saw included sugar beets, rape (canola), wheat, barley, rye, potatoes.  Home gardens included substantial plantings of onions, beets, and dill, and a variety of other vegetables.   Each farm home we visited had a beautiful garden and many flowers, as well as fruit trees (plum, sour cherry, apple), and berry bushes (currants, gooseberries, rasberries, blackberries, strawberries) and chestnut trees.  Tomatoes and peppers were grown in greenhouses to protect them from cold nights and cool windy days.   Enjoy with me some of the gardens of Poland.

Garden Gate

Sour pie cherries

Tomatoes and peppers grown in small greenhoues 


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