Saturday, April 5, 2014

Perennial Vegetables

New perennial vegetable beds.  Eventually, they will also encompass the area
where garlic and shallots are now growing
Permaculture students planting
additional perennial vegetables
The 2014 Permaculture Class descended on the VegHeadz garden on Friday for a planned Permablitz to install our new Perennial Vegetable Garden.   They did a great job and made short work of digging trenches and installing oak logs to create a Hugelkultur bed in one "U" shaped bed.  An additional "U" shaped bed was planted without the Hugelkultur feature so we can observe how they compare.  Many of the plants came from the Edible Plant Project in Gainesville and local permaculture designer, Regine Maligne, and we really appreciate their input and guidance. We have available a list of the perennial vegetables and herbs in the garden and those we still want to acquire.  We also welcome comments, corrections, additions, to the list.

We had to move some things we were already growing to install the garden in it's new configuration.  One of the surprises was the size of the turmeric rhizomes from two-year old plants.

Lots of turmeric roots and some ginger roots

There were at least 10 to 15 lbs. of rhizomes. We replanted some, gave the Permaculture class members some "toes" for their gardens (as well as several types of mint), and Extension Agent Trevor Hilton, who oversees the garden, took the rest to use in an herb garden he is developing.  We'll have a lot more turmeric to share in another year or two.

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