Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweet Potato Greens

Summer is a time when greens are scarce in the garden.  I just recently learned that Sweet Potato leaves make excellent summer greens.  They can be cooked in most ways that Spinach can, and used fresh in salads.  Tender and slightly sweet, they don't have the oxalic acid that makes spinach taste metallic sometimes.  I added them to my usual Spinach, Kale, and assorted fruit for a green smoothie and it was great.  There's lots of recipes and information on line.  Don't know how I missed this opportunity up until now.  Like most greens, they are loaded with vitamins K and A.  Better yet, they can be harvested from the time you plant sweet potato slips and they get going good (which doesn't take long).  If your garden is like mine, even after you harvest sweet potatoes, every little root you didn't dig sprouts another vine, and you can continue harvesting the greens until frost lays the vines low.  And check out these purple sweet potatoes.  Haven't tried them yet.  They're almost too beautiful to cook. 

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