Monday, July 22, 2013

Preparing for Fall Gardens

  The VegHeadz are planning their Fall garden at the Extension Office on Paul Russell Road.  Plants that have finished bearing are being pulled up or cut off.  When possible, roots are left in the ground to decompose and provide nutrients for future crops, and channels for water and air to reach the roots of new plants.  Cover crops of beans and buckwheat are being sown in some rows.  Others are being covered with a variety of mulches--newspaper and straw, landscape cloth, black plastic, and woven plastic (like that used in roadside erosion control).  Both cover crops and various mulches will help control weeds and retain moisture.   New recordkeeping guidelines have been established and we hope to produce some useful comparisons of mulches and plant varieties to pass on to other gardeners.  Come visit the garden at the Fall Open House (September 28, 2013) and find out what we've learned so far.  In addition to information on mulches we will have some early Fall crops planted, and our perennial vegetables are looking great - so far we have strawberries, asparagus, multiplying onions, fennel, ginger, turmeric, and globe artichokes, as well as various herbs.   More perennials are on the agenda for future planting.

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